Last Stand Union City: Zombie Shooter

Last Standing Union

Zombies have overrun Union City! Now you must go in and rescue your family then find a way to get out alive –all while dealing with hordes of the unead. Last Stand Union City is the third installment to the Last Stand series (before the events of Dead Zone) and introduces players to an all new player created character. This game showcases the events happening in Union City after the first two games. The game also takes on an all new gameplay approach. Instead of the original farm by day, fight by night formula of the previous two games. Union City is a sidescrolling action RPG that allows you and an computer controlled companion to fight your way into the heart of the invasion.

Fans of Last Stand rejoice! Union City is finally here, and this game answers a lot of the questions about the first two Last Stand games. Jack is back, but he is no longer in your control. Players now create an all new player character whose main motivation is saving their loved one from the chaos happening in the city. Players will have to find weapons and ammunition, scrounge up material for makeshift armor, help other survivors, rescue their family and find a way to get out of the city alive. This game is all about survival ina world overrun by the undead.

The Premise

The game starts off with the player character heading back into the city when they suddenly run into a zombie in the middle of the road. This causes an accident and forces the player to continue the rest of the trek on foot. As they approach the city, signs of destruction and chaos start appearing, and you must quickly make it to the Union City Hospital in order to seek out your spouse.

Set in the same game universe as Last Stand and Last Stand 2, Union City is the “goal city” mentioned by previous main character, Jack. As this game shows however, Union City is not the safe haven it was supposed to be, there are a lot of zombies in the area, and the military is there too –which, unfortunately, does not mean good news either.

New Gameplay

Last Stand used to be all about defending a fort during the night and scavenging for weapons/survivors/food during the day. But Union City different; the player has no safe haven to defend and there are only a few recruitable NPCs to help. You must keep moving and fighting in order to survive. Houses, buildings, cars, must explored and checked for valuable resources –just be careful as the undead are everywhere too, and occasionally, you could get ambushed by huge waves of zombie hordes.

There are a lot of concepts seen in other open world RPGs (especially from Bethesda’s Fallout and Elder Scrolls series) that are seen here –particularly with the loot system and the lock picking mechanics. This makes the game a little less pure action based and a little more strategy oriented –just having the strongest weapons will not win the day, having the right tools for the right job will.

New Graphical Direction

The developers behind Last Stand have taken a different approach to the visuals of the game. Union City’s details now heavily employ the use of lines and flatter textures –as opposed to the previous 2 games’ heavy use of textures and minimal approach to solid lines. This is mostly likely due to the fact that Union City’s gameplay requires much more visuals than the previous titles.

Plenty of Surprises

There are a lot of things to enjoy and appreciate with Last Stand: Union City, mostly because the game writers appreciate zombie culture as a whole. There are plenty of references to other major series about the undead such as Resident Evil and Night of the Living Dead, and the writing itself lends a bit of humor to the tale. Fans of the series will also appreciate the fact that you get to meet up with Jack and his crew of other survivors from the first two games (he even helps you out too).

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