Panda Tactical Sniper 2: Meet Team Panda

panda tactical sniper 2
Panda's back with more challenges that require pinpoint accuracy and this time, he brought friends. In Panda Tactical Sniper 2, the stakes are higher. Instead of yummy HobNobs, Panda is now after a priceless diamond. In order for the heist to be a success, team Panda has to obtain the museum's blueprints, steal a cool escape vehicle and rely on your epic sniping skills.

What we absolutely loved about this sequel is the addition of Panda's pals. First is Mr. Brown, a one-eyed bear that was penalized for crimes he didn't commit. Mr. Black is a miniscule bear located inside a maximum security prison. And lastly, there's a gigantic polar bear named Mr. White who is being held at a secret arctic compound. While they certainly look huggable and make PTS 2 one of the cutest looking bear games , they're not only there for show. With your expert instruction, they will mean the difference between a smooth operation or a clumsy failure. After setting these cute crooks free, you are then ready to start preparations for your very own Mission Impossible.

Thanks to its unconventional tutorial mission, you know from the get go that the challenges require more than just accuracy. Each mission requires meticulous planning specific to that situation. On one level, you'll be asked to find a way to distract a guard from his favorite soccer game on the TV. On another, you'll need to deactivate a series of high tech lasers while team Panda makes a clean getaway. Because you'll be facing moving targets, timing your shots is just as important as getting a bull's-eye. Overall, we found the missions to be challenging enough without being hair-pull frustrating.

Finishing levels earns EXP which unlocks useful abilities. These range from the Walkie Talkie to the Super Reload booster. On the same menu, you get to view the Medals you have earned along the way. New players get the Rookie medal first while a sharp eye for hidden squeakers will net the Duck Hunter award.

Though the graphics haven't really changed much since Panda Tactical Sniper, background details and menus do look spiffier. Expect realistic paintings and mood lighting to complement the adorable heroes. Unfortunately, there is still a slight cursor lag when running the game using a standard net book. Because there are some shots that are time critical, it is advisable to play the game using a device with better specs. We wish there was some way to adjust the graphic quality but at least this game is worth going the extra mile.

Along with its laudable stage variety, the Panda series' witty writing is back as well. Level names make geek references to games such as Grand Theft Auto. On the other hand, mission briefings poke fun at Panda and his motley crew. The audio design perfectly complements the spy film feel of the game too, even using an upbeat spoof of the Mission Impossible theme. Why? Well, as the game says, Panda watches too many movies.

With new characters combined with the humorous writing and good mission variety we know and love, Panda Tactical Sniper 2 definitely one of the more original sniping games to play online. The game earns brownie points when it comes to the improvements in the upgrade department, though cursor lag is a returning issue. Rest assured, the game is undoubtedly enjoyable when played on a suitable device.

In the End...

If you loved the original then you'll be in for a great time playing Panda Tactical Sniper 2. If you're new and are looking for a balanced shooter that goes beyond generic mechanics, then we highly recommend playing this title. With Panda, crime does pay after all.

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