Strike Force Heroes – A beautifully designed action arena shooter

strike force heroes

If you’re a seasoned arena shooter player, then you’re going to love Strike Force Heroes’ take on the genre with masses of weapons, fifteen levels of campaign mode to play through, four classes of soldier, and a look that puts other games to shame. If you’re not a fan of this genre, then this game’s going to make sure that you’re about to be.

Call Me Shallow, But..

It says a lot about the quality of a game when its loading screen can immediately peak your interest; or does it speak volumes about my swift judgement on games based on the most minor of details? Either way, as the progress bar loads, a single light bulb suspended over a darkened room flickers moodily as if we know it’s watching, casting a circle of light on a stash of weapons as smoke dances in unison in the artificial glow.

That’s right, it is pretty clear we’ve got an action shooter on our hands, and its name is Strike Force Heroes. Sky 9 Games are responsible for this explosive little number that promises to deliver sixty five weapons for utilising in 15 different missions and throughout 3 different game modes. My excitement at reading this was almost as ridiculous as the moment I saw the pile of guns in a dimly lit room. I know I may be swayed by the little things, but my instincts were right about this one, and it’ll be my please to tell you the reasons why.


This nifty little title is reminiscent of games like CounterStrike and Call of Duty in its format, with the aim simply being to play through the missions by eliminating as many of the enemy forces as you possibly can within a certain time. Unlike standard shooters, the enemies spawn from certain points, as do you after death, and the battle continues whilst escalating in difficulty. You can choose from playing as a medic, tank, assassin, or commando class of soldier, each having their own particular strengths and weaknesses in areas like health, critical hits, aim, and ammo; each soldier is also capable of carrying a primary and secondary weapon. Use the directional arrows/WASD keys to control movement and Q to flick between your weapons. How else are you going to aim in a third-person shooter aside from your mouse, though? Well, you’re not, because aiming and shooting is mouse controlled, so there.

Armaments and Other Area

As is usual with these kinds of games, the main source of variability is in the weapons, and my word is there a lot of them. You’ll have to reach minimum required levels with each of your soldiers to unlock them, but you can unearth class-specific weapons like a Dragunov, Jackal, or nine-iron (yup, the golf club kind) for your assassin, Stinger Missiles for your commando, and some extremely powerful weapons like the judgement shotgun for your tank class. These weapons will be familiar to Counter Strike players, or anyone that enjoys dabbling in any first-person shooters ever, really.

The game has even more to offer in the form of other niceties like kill streaks that give you temporary powers such as invisibility while crouching or adrenaline that will heal you. You can organise a quick match and choose between a variety of levels in both day and night settings in a range of different modes like death match and capture the flag. Challenge mode also exists, but as the game warns you before starting them, these are extremely difficult however so you might want to go easy on them

In the End…Resounding Success

Past all of the content, weapon, modes, and other variables, Strike Force Heroes just exudes style and manages to look and sound profession with some fantastically illustrated surroundings and great sound effects/music (including an urgent-sounding remix of “The animals went in two by two”). This game is by far the best flash-based third-person shooter I have ever played, and it will remain that way until I remember that there’s a sequel. Bon Appétit.

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